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05/01/2006 - par Mark Tungate

I've never been part of the videogame generation. While I can accept that grown men might want to sit on the metro playing with their portable PlayStations, my interest in fighting virtual enemies stopped with Space Invaders, when I was 13. In those days, computer games were big machines housed in loud, psychedelic halls called amusement arcades. (These were also great places to smoke, gamble and get into real fights.)

All that changed last night. I'm staying with a friend in the UK ; and although he is almost 40 years old, he has a videogame console hooked up to his TV. He has two children, but he doesn't even pretend it's for them. Last night he introduced me to the joys of From Russia With Love, a new game based on the old James Bond movie. You get to control a mini Sean Connery in a 1960s landscape - and the real Connery provides his voice. So with the aid of my handset, I got to do all the things I dreamed of when I was a kid, such as driving an Aston Martin, piloting a jet pack, and destroying a Russian helicopter with a rocket launcher (while wearing a really nice suit). And the great thing about being an adult is that you can drink champagne at the same time.

In order to really get me hooked though, they'll have to include a scene in which I seduce a beautiful Eastern European woman. But ­perhaps some things are better in real life. Goodbye, Mister Bond.


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Bons baisers

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