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People ou pipeau ?

19/04/2007 - par Mark Tungate

Is fame an out of date ­concept ? I don't think celebrities are enough to justify the price of a magazine any more. When they publish pictures of Britney with her head shaved or Kate on the town with her talent-free boyfriend, I can't help thinking they are trying to sell us a drug that we are no longer addicted to. Besides, I can see far more interesting shaved parts of Britney online.

Fame has become democratised, so celebrities are losing their mystique. Reality TV means that every­one, from our neighbour to our plumber, could become a celebrity. Thanks to digital technology, we can all make films and TV series and screen them on YouTube for our fans. I even appear on TV myself occasionally. It's part of my job.

All this occurred to me when I flicked through a recent copy of Elle, which featured an article about French celebrities and their best friends - who just happened to be (surprise !) other celebrities. I found the piece vaguely insulting. It confirmed my suspicion that stars only socialise with one another and want nothing to do with ordinary people - the very people, of course, who have made them what they are. How refreshing it would have been if one of the actresses in the article had been best friends with an accountant, or a baker.

Frankly, I think it's time to stop giving these cosseted individuals more coverage than they deserve. They do a job. A well paid and glamorous one, but a job all the same - just like the rest of us.

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People ou pipeau ?

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