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Chers ennemis

12/07/2007 - par Mark Tungate

Bruce is back - just when we need him most. In the latest Die Hard movie, Bruce Willis combats a computer ­pirate who threatens the future of civilisation (in Holly­wood, that means America) using some hacking nonsense or other. Needless to say, Bruce solves the problem with guns, car chases and a few jokes. The villain comes to a nasty end.

The simple truths of action movies - good versus evil, a cathartic ending - are reassuring. This struck me the other day when I was reading about the latest terrorist attacks in the UK. Our new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, went on air to tell us that the menace came from Al Qaeda, the one-stop-shop villain of the 21 st century. And yet other reports suggested that absolutely no link had been established between the suicide bombers and Al Qaeda.

Frankly, I've started blaming Al Qaeda whenever I run out of toothpaste or cut myself shaving. But here's a ­thought : what if Al Qaeda doesn't exist ? What if today's terrorists are just a bunch of unrelated lunatics who can show up anywhere ? No agenda, no organisation, just dynamite and a death wish ? What if Al Qaeda is a myth invented by politicians and the media to reassure us that there is a tangible enemy ? We all need to believe that the villain is lurking somewhere in his underground lair, stroking his white cat, sneering « I've been expecting you, » before being neatly despatched by our hero with a mini rocket launcher in a cigarette. But, as we all know, life isn't like the movies.

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Chers ennemis

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