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Blogs libérés

13/03/2008 - par Mark Tungate

It's time to say goodbye the branded blog. You know - the kind of blog that is supposedly written by somebody who works for the brand, but is actually scribbled by an underpaid freelance. It might be advice on how to use detergent, the online diary of an automobile fanatic, or fashion gossip from somebody who happens to be writing for a clothing brand. But few people want to read branded blogs. They sound like cries of help from clients who are desperate to connect with Web 2.0 - a phrase which is already sounding tired, by the way.

Several of my blogger friends have been approached to create blogs on behalf of brands. It never seems to work out, partly because the clients don't want to pay anything. (You can imagine the meeting : « What ? Pay ? But these things aren't measured ! How are we going to prove ROI ? ») And even if the blog does lumber into fruition, visitors are slow to come.

The way around this is to let somebody who actually works at the company write an online diary, from the heart, totally uncensored. Of course, that would mean taking a risk - and we all know how much clients hate doing that. Even Microsoft was annoyed at first when some of its employees started blogging about the company. But then it realised that in the high-tech community, it could win a lot of friends by supporting bloggers. Now the company has 4,500 of them (according to Wired magazine). To blog with conviction, brands need to unleash their inner anarchists.

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Blogs libérés

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