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To tweet or not to tweet – that, my friends, is the question. Unless you've been in a coma or some other remote Italian village for the last year, you'll know that Twitter is a social networking tool. A tweet is basically a status report, which appears on your friends' mobile devices. As Twitter's website says, it answers the question: what are you doing? The answer is that I'm not doing much at all. Thanks to Facebook and company, I now spend so much time in front of my computer that I've practically lost the use of my arms and legs.

For advertisers, the big question is the same as ever: how the hell can we take advantage of this? As Ad Age observed recently, Twitter's ad business is nonexistent. The best brands can do is start tweeting themselves and hope fans will become followers. Actually, a website called Twittad.com claims to have come up with an alternative model. Users allow advertisers to sponsor them, and send out a tweet to promote the new partnership. Afterwards, every time they tweet about their sponsor, they get paid. There are two problems with this. 1) What kind of scumbag would actually sell their soul this way? 2) Twitter does not make any money out of the deal.

Twitter recently announced «commercial accounts» with extra features that it will charge users for. In the meantime, as I write, it looks almost certain to be bought by Google. As for me, I continue to resist the siren call of the tweet.

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