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Brand World

Coup de poing

12/01/2015 - par Mark Tungate

Cette semaine, pour sa deuxième chronique «Brand World», Mark Tungate a cherché des équivalents à Charlie hebdo - une vraie marque média - dans son Angleterre natale. Mais non, conclut-il, «Charlie hebdo remains unique».

People have been asking me: so what’s the English equivalent of Charlie hebdo? One response is Private Eye, a revered satirical newspaper, but its wit is drier and less provocative – in fact it has more in common with Le Canard enchaîné. Another option is Viz, a gleefully offensive adult comic book (bande dessinée) which, among other things, depicts celebrities and members of the Royal Family as either buffoons or small-time criminals (Elton John was once portrayed as a voyeuristic window cleaner). But while it has an edgy brand identity, it is not overtly political or anti-religious.


Perhaps the closest was a magazine called Punch, which stopped publishing in 2002. I remember reading my father’s copy as a boy – I particularly liked a section called «Let’s Parler Franglais», which tore the English and French languages to shreds. By that time, however, the magazine had already lost its punch. It was launched in 1841 and for more than 100 years was famous for its satirical cartoons of politicians and socialites (you can still see them at www.punch.co.uk). At its peak it sold almost 200,000 copies a week. As its contents became more polite, however, its readers began to depart. By the 1990s, Punch was a spent force. Even in its heyday, being British and understated, the magazine was never as outrageous as its French counterpart. Charlie hebdo remains unique.

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Coup de poing

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