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Brand World

Cuisinons en beauté

05/01/2015 - par Mark Tungate (tungateinparis@hotmail.com)

Chaque semaine, dans sa nouvelle chronique Brand World, le journaliste anglais Mark Tungate livre son regard sur le monde des marques. Aujourd'hui, une initiative de Samsung qui va peut-être réussir pour les cuisines ce qu'il a fait pour les téléphones mobiles.

When I was watching YouTube with my son the other day, we came across an ad for Samsung that used the strange word «Beautyfood». Even Gustave found it hilarious. «Beautyfood!» he chirped and burst into laughter. Now every time he sees a plate he shouts «Beautyfood!» and starts giggling. But behind this made-up English word – which does not seem to have been used outside France – is a major global marketing campaign aimed at getting Samsung appliances into our kitchens.


#Beautyfood is a nifty bit of brand content: six recipes by chef Eric Frechon and «food designer» Marc Brétillot which are meant to accompany highlights of our lives, such as a housewarming, a graduation and even a marriage proposal. You can find them on a dedicated site as well as on YouTube. Meanwhile, in the United States, Samsung has held live events where visitors can cook (and wash up) with its new home products.


In fact Samsung says its premium Chef Collection range – a refrigerator, an oven, a dishwasher and a microwave – were actually co-created with its «Club de chefs», an elite culinary group, like The Expendables in tall hats. They include Frechon, Daniel Bouloud from New York and Elena Arzak from Spain. «Indulge your inner gourmet», invites the slogan.


Celebrity plus design plus snobbery: this could do for our kitchens what Samsung has already done for our phones.

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Cuisinons en beauté

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